Wednesday, 29 February 2012

ARCT1055: Influence, Theories & Tech. ITTA2 Essay

Snap shots of the final thesis paper, I must say rather pleased with it. Initially planned to go with perfect bound, but had to focus on the content and wire bound works so much better with the additional fold out drawings including textured paper inserts between chapters

Title : Myths of the East End

        Front Cover                               Mythical Object no.6 
                                                        Chicken Tikka Masala 
                                                         Fold-out drawing

The East End as a Constructed Myth

Following the long one month absence of regular blogging, I have actually been working on the ARCT1055: Influence, Theories and Tech Paper: 


Using Roland Barthes' tri-dimensional pattern the signifier, signified and the sign, it is a 'spatialization of the pattern is here only a metaphor' My version of the diagram specifically demonstrates the connection with the East End and the mythical connotations explored in the essay